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Shrine of Gaiban Shah, Mumbai

The shrine dedicated to Hazrat Gaiban Shah Pir who is a Sufi saint is managed by a local Siddi family in Kurla. Seen here is the entrance of the shrine [ … ]

A Sacred Grove in Azhikode

Construction of small shrines to emplace local deities including Kappiri underway at a scared grove in Azhikode

Sarpa Kaavu

Shrines dedicated to snakes or sarapam at a sacred grove in Vypin

Kaavu in Valappu, Vypin

Seen here is the central shrine for goddess along with small shrines for other minor Hindu deities and ancestral spirits such as Kappiri and Vishnumaya in a scared grove in [ … ]

Kappiri Idol in a Kaavu

Minor deities and ancestral spirits like Kappiri are often symbolically represented through a round or cylindrical granite stones in most of the sacred groves in Vypin

A Kaavu in Vypin

Seen here is the entrance of a traditional kaavu in Vypin with donation box and oil lamps. Most of the Kaavus today while have retained some scared patch of land [ … ]

Kaavu at Elamkunnapuzha

A small kaavu with a central shrine and a small modest shrine behind the principal deity to house all the minor deities including Kappiri.

Kappiri Shrine Kalamukku

Seen here is small shrine for Kappiri and other ancestral deities outside a scared grove in Kalamukku