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Bava Gor Shrine, Jamnagar

Brightly colored decorative tiles adorning the external walls of the Bava Gor Shrine, which is an important site of worship.

Bava Gor Shrine, Jamnagar

The colorful shrine dedicated to Bava Gor in Jamnagar is the center for various activities for the local sidi as well as non-sidi communities.

Sidi Mohalla, Jamnagar

The locality adjoining the Shrine for Bava Gor in Jamnagar has been in the past home to several sidi families.

Sidi Chakda Rider, Gujarat

Most sidi men in Gir are employed as chakda riders. A chakda is a hybrid vehicle and the only mode of transportation for most of the villagers living in interior [ … ]

Bava Gor Chilla, Jambur

Sidi men gathered outside the memorial shrine dedicated to Bava Gor and Bava Habash in Jambur village.

Jambur Village, Gujarat

Jambur is one of the biggest sidi village in Gujarat and has around four hundred sidi households.

Nargarchi Shrine, Jambur

The shrine for Nagarchi Pir in the Jambur village is managed by the sidi community and the large shrine complex also has a chilla for Mai Misra.