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Sidi Woman, Javantri

A sidi woman in front of her stainless steel utensils display in her home kitchen.

Hanuman Shrine, Shirvan

Sidi men in front of the modest shrine dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman. While the sidi residents of the Shirvan village are Muslims, some of them also worship the [ … ]

Sidi Homes in Shirvan

Seen here are sidi homes in the village of Shirvan, which is inside the Gir National Forest.

Sidi Community Organization Meeting

The sidi community organization Samasta Sidi Aadijati Samaj Utkarsh Samiti that works for the welfare of sidi people organizes monthly meetings in different sidi villages to raise social awareness.

Young Sidi Athletes

Young sidi students of the Karnataka state athletic hostel heading for their evening sports practice.

Sunday Evening at Khapri Temple

Devotees lighting candles and incense sticks in front of the Khapri temple. On Sunday evenings there are special pujas for the deity.

Colored Drawing, Vypin

Colored drawing being rendered to index the local deity during the annual festival in a sacred grove, Vypin.