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Khapri Temple in Karwar

While one can find several novel shrines for African spirits along coastal Kerala that are integrated into a local non-classical Hindu worship tradition as seen at the scared groves, there [ … ]

Shrines for Bava Gor

There are several chillas or memorial shrines dedicated to Bava Gor and his siblings Bava Habash and Mai Misra in Gujarat.  These chillas operate as satellite shrines that symbolical signify the [ … ]

Worshiping African Spirits

African memoryscapes in Kerala are preserved through alternative processes of cultural conservation including rituals and beliefs directed towards Kappiri, a spirit who personifies local collective histories. In coastal Kerala one [ … ]

Slavery and Migration

  African migration towards the western coast of India, chiefly through the Indian Ocean trade network predates European invasions of the subcontinent. Africans living in the hinterlands were often captured [ … ]

African Spaces

  Memories of the African past, identity, and religious beliefs are closely linked to particular places or sites in the Indian sub-continent. Places associated with African histories in India can [ … ]


  Memories of cross-cultural exchanges between coastal cities of Africa and the Indian subcontinent are preserved and remembered, updated and invented through music and repertoires of ritual performances. Scholars at [ … ]


  Even before filmmakers and visual artists in the state of Kerala started addressing about African presence in colonial Cochin (Kochi), local writers were weaving Africans into the plots of [ … ]


Neelima Jeychandran is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Asian Studies and the African Studies Program at the Pennsylvania State University. She works on visual cultures, material heritage, performances, architectures of memory, and spatial [ … ]


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