Khapri Temple in Karwar

While one can find several novel shrines for African spirits along coastal Kerala that are integrated into a local non-classical Hindu worship tradition as seen at the scared groves, there [ … ]

Material Cultures & Performances

Khapri Shrines in Karnataka & Goa

Sidi Communities

Bava Gor Shrines

Tombs of Sidi Saints & Martyrs

Kappiri Shrines in Kerala

Shrines for Bava Gor

There are several chillas or memorial shrines dedicated to Bava Gor and his siblings Bava Habash and Mai Misra in Gujarat.  These chillas operate as satellite shrines that symbolical signify the [ … ]

Sidi Dargahs

In the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the recall of deceased Africans saints, martyrs, and statesmen are solely integrated into a Sufi Islamic worship practice. While this culture is centered [ … ]

Worshiping African Spirits

African memoryscapes in Kerala are preserved through alternative processes of cultural conservation including rituals and beliefs directed towards Kappiri, a spirit who personifies local collective histories. In coastal Kerala one [ … ]