Sidi Dargahs

In the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the recall of deceased Africans saints, martyrs, and statesmen are solely integrated into a Sufi Islamic worship practice. While this culture is centered around the dargah or tomb of the patron Sidi saint Bava Gor located at Ratanpur, there are also several chillas (places of retreat) for Bava Gor throughout Gujarat. Aside from the shrines dedicated to Bava Gor, in Gujarat there are several dargahs dedicated to African martyrs and nobles, which are sites of worship for the local Gujarati muslim community. While most of these sacred edifices are covered by modest structures, there are also mausoleums that houses several tombs of African martyrs and their family members.  There are several tombs dedicated to Sidi martyrs and important persons in the old quarters of the Ahmedabad city. These tombs are hidden in the crowded bylanes of the Ahmedabad city with their locations only known to the local worshippers and to some members of the local Sidi community.  Today these dargahs of African shaheeds or martyrs are mostly maintained by the local muslim communities and the deceased Africans are remembered through vernacular beliefs, local commemorative practices, and through other ritual performances at these sacred sites.