Shrines for Bava Gor

There are several chillas or memorial shrines dedicated to Bava Gor and his siblings Bava Habash and Mai Misra in Gujarat.  These chillas operate as satellite shrines that symbolical signify the presence of  the saints through a material replicas of their tombs. Like the main shrine of Bava Gor in Ratanpur, these tombs are adorned with ritual materials like the chadhar or cloth and fresh flowers. While being a material replica of the main tomb, these remote memorial shrines for Bava Gor are equally scared and their efficacy is sustained by making regular votive offerings and the recitation of the dhikrs and the fatiha prayers. However, the caretakers of these shrines are careful to note that these scared sites are relatively less powerful than the central shrine of Bava Gor and if a devotees wishes to receive a direct Baraka or blessings the individual must visit the shrine at Ratanpur. While some of these chillas are relatively larger shrines with caretakers and majawirs offering various ritual services, the others are modest shrines maintained, and in some instances even constructed by local community members.