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Shrine of Gaiban Shah, Mumbai

The shrine dedicated to Hazrat Gaiban Shah Pir who is a Sufi saint is managed by a local Siddi family in Kurla. Seen here is the entrance of the shrine [ … ]

Shrine of Kamli Shah

The shrine dedicated to Kamli Shah in Dadar Mumbai is maintained by a Siddi family. Kamli Shah is a Siddi Sufi Saint who is believed to have come to Bombay [ … ]

Barkas, Hyderabad

A general store in Barkas, a suburban locality in Hyderabad that is the home of the Hadhrami community. The store various sells food, textiles, and other commodities from the Arab [ … ]

Sidi Chakda Rider, Gujarat

Most sidi men in Gir are employed as chakda riders. A chakda is a hybrid vehicle and the only mode of transportation for most of the villagers living in interior [ … ]

Jambur Village, Gujarat

Jambur is one of the biggest sidi village in Gujarat and has around four hundred sidi households.

Colorful Quilts, Javantri

Colorful handmade quilts dried in the sun at the sidi village of Javantri in Gujarat. Sidi women make colorful quilts out of old cloth and textile waste.