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Majority of the Afro-Indians presently live in the cities, towns, and villages of Gujarat and they are an ethnically and culturally diverse group. They are known as Sidis or Sidi [ … ]

“Kochi Tower” Installation by Rigo 23

San Francisco based, Portuguese artist Ricardo Goureia, known by his artist’s name Rigo 23, creates works that excavate unknown or less-known histories of Fort Kochi. Each individual work in Rigo [ … ]

Public Sculptures of Kappiri

Hochimin Palamootil Hanifa’s granite sculpture of Kappiri is twelve feet in height. The artist refers to the lives of Africans and their sufferings through this work of abstract expressionism. Commissioned [ … ]


Africans mostly from the Swahili Coast were brought to the coastal towns of Maharashtra in Gujarati and Arab dhows as part of the Indian Ocean World slave trading network. After [ … ]